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Here's what some of our customers have to say about our products!

 "WOW, honestly these are without a doubt the best sticks I have ever had. I will make sure during all hunting and fishing trips with the boys we will be packing these in full force. Wait 'til the boys try these babies. I just made a special 45 min trip today because I was going through some withdrawals. You all should be very proud of such a quality product."
 Anthony, New Berlin, WI

"I just wanted to say that I love your Black Angus beef stick the best one I have ever eaten. Thanks...Keep up the good work."
 Jay Jay - Laredo, TX

"I can't remember the last time I felt compelled to write to a company to tell them how great their product is so I think that says something about the quality of yours. As a person struggling with their weight it is so nice to find a low fat product high protein product that tastes so good, I feel like I am cheating!"
 Heidi - Madison, WI

"1/2 the fat and a lot of taste is an excellent idea. You have me hooked."
 Todd - Stillwater, MN

 "Personally, I was very, very impressed with your beef sticks - - truly the best flavor I have had in a product such as this. I also appreciated the fact that it didn't leave a feeling of residual greasiness. I will be buying your products in the future. Thanks again!"
  Anne - Whitewater, WI

"Just received my order today. Delicious!! Best I have ever ate and definitely not shoe leather. I will order again. Thanks."
 Doug - Pueblo West, CO

"They're SO GOOD that I don't trust myself to ration them sensibly!"
  Jed - WI

"Bought my first pack at Gander Mountain and I have never had a product this good before. I just ordered 10 packs. Keep up the good work."
 Marcello - Warrenton, VA

"I love the beef sticks! You clearly have the best products out there. Everyone I come in contact with I share the great taste and the story behind the sticks."
  Jeff - Cambridge, WI

"There was more than enough to go around for about 20 or so of the guys that work for me. They all loved it. A lot of the Marines out here spend their spare time in the gym so the snack was even that much better being a healthier option. Once again, thank you for the gift and the support. It is our honor to serve Americans like you."
 SGT. Matt - US Armed Forces

"I just recently purchased one of your Angus beef sticks here in Anchorage and it was the best freaking beef stick I have ever tried. Not hard skinned, but soft. Not dried out and stale, but moist and fresh. And, a pleasant after taste. If I had the money, I would buy hundreds of these to give to my friends. AWESOME, awesome, awesome product. Count on me being a lifelong customer and I have never really liked beef sticks. Now I do, thanks to you guys. I went back and bought three more tonight, and it's not exactly down the block."
 Chad - Anchorage AK

"My daughter and I tried your Spicy Black Angus beef stick today and just loved it. The beef is the best quality we have ever had (we have tried plenty many) and the taste and spice were just perfect!"
 Susan - Kenosha WI

"First, let me start out by saying great product. I was introduced to King Kalibur a couple of years ago after a spontaneous pick at a local Gander Mountain store. I was so impressed I bought $50 worth that first week. I have to say that I have become addicted."
 Matt - Newport NY

"I buy a pack of your spicy beef sticks everyday on my way into work. You simply have the best product I have ever tasted!"
  Scott - Houlton WI

"Your beef sticks are the best I have ever eaten. Nothing like the other products out there that are greasy and leave a coating in your mouth. Great road food when on the motorcycle or anytime! I will spread the word to everyone I know, just a great product!"
 Mary - Crystal River FL

"Dude, where can I get some of your Black Angus beef sticks? A friend of mine gave me a couple while we were golfing a few weeks ago...they were awesome."
  Eric - Hudson WI

"I have NEVER had a more tasty delicious beef stick! It's the best and I buy them in bulk from the supermarkets. Just thought I would share :)"
 Jazz - Mokena, IL

"I have to say this is the best beef stick I have ever had and I have tried a lot. I am into body building and I try to get as much protein into my diet as I can. Your beef sticks have a good amount of protein with fewer calories than all the others I have tried. Absolutely love them. Thanks and keep them coming to my local store!!
  Mark - Mosinee WI


"I just purchased your spicy beef stick at a local Fleet Farm gas station. That was the best - BAR NONE - that I have ever had. I have tried about every brand and type out there. Excellent product - I am recommending to all my friends!!! You have a customer for life."
 Rod - Hudson WI

"The King Kalibur Black Angus beef sticks are by far, the best tasting beef sticks I have ever had. My question is can I buy them in bulk? I stumbled onto these at Gander Mountain and look for them wherever and whenever I need more beef sticks. It's become the only brand I will buy."
 Brian - Oak Creek WI

"I have been buying your beef sticks at a local hardware store, but they are no longer going to be selling them. Can you tell me if any other stores in Racine, WI sell your product? My family loves your beef sticks! Thank you!!!"
 Erin - Racine WI

"My husband just bought one of King Kalibur beef sticks at Dunn Lumber in Lake Geneva, WI. He took a bite and said, "wow" was the best beef stick he had ever tasted! He reluctantly shared the beef stick with me and I agreed--awesome! Thanks for creating such a great product!"
 Susan - Burlington WI

"I am a college student from Hawaii but currently attending dental school in Nebraska. I went to a Scheels in Omaha and was hungry for some jerky and came across your product and asked the clerk if he ate some it before. The clerk said they were "pretty good". I said I'll take my chances on his word and try some. I was blown away! The clerk obviously didn't have a good sense of taste...those Black Angus beef sticks were the BEST snack I've ever eaten in my life! Yea, I'm only 24 years old, but being from Hawaii, we like many flavors from raw fish to SPAM, and when I say I know good eats, I know what I'm talking about...none of that sissy snacks like 0 calorie pretzle crap. Mahalo, cause I went to Scheels again today and bought the bigger package and I murdered it...that stuff is the best."
 Brendt - Omaha NE

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